"We can help with all your Home Maintenance Needs & our work Has Our  5  Year Warranty"!! Also Custom Painting /Design Faux & Textured Finishes Available!!! bathtub restorations in columbus bathtub resurfacing bathtub reglazing

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Countertop Refinishing

Chip/Crack Repair

"Bathtub Restorations in Columbus Ohio Bathtub Resurfacing in Columbus Ohio  Complete  Bathtub  Reglazing  Bathtub Refinishing Bathtub Repair Bathtub Chip & Crack Repair in Columbus Ohio"!

*Custom Painting & Design/Home Maintenance Repair/Pressure Washing-Call Duane Ball (614)603-3476

"Why Replace Just Resurface"

Sink Vanity Refinishing

"Premier Bathtub Reglazing in Columbus Ohio"

Fiberglass Repair

Porcelain Repair

"If No Immediate Answers Please Leave A Message As Your Call Is So Very Important & We Will Contact You Usually Within Minutes  & We Thank You "!!!

We use "State of the Art" High Quality Acrylic Substrates' Based Products (Not Epoxy's) that are only available to Industry Pro's with Proven Skill Methods & our work is Guaranteed with a Full 5 year Warranty but all still at an affordable Price!       We Also Offer These Quality Services & Products at Unbeatable Prices compared to any service of similar Quality & Products .....Guaranteed!!!! Call Us For Any Questions Or To Schedule At Either Number David "6146576588" or Erik "6144777672" !   Thank You Again!!!

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Cabinets Refinishing

"Premier Bathtub Repair in Columbus Ohio"

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"Pro-Mobile Porcelain/Fiberglass Repair in Columbus Ohio""

&  Home Maintenance Repairs !!

Bathtub Refinishing in Columbus Ohio Tub Resurfacing Bathtub Reglazing Tub Repair Counter-top Resurface  Tub Repair Bathtub Repair in Columbus Ohio Tile Resurfacing

RESTORATIONS      bathtub reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing

*Custom Interior/Exterior Painting -Design Consultation also Faux & Textured Finishes available!

"Tub Re-glaze  "Only $385  (standard size tub) using "State of the  Art" Acrylics & w/ 5yr Warranty""!!

We are Bathtub Restorations in Columbus Ohio serving Franklin County & Surrounding Areas !